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Welcome to Cheyenne Brass, Inc. - your best source for brass cartridge cases and once fired cartridges for reloading

The Number One source for top quality once-fired cases.
We're shooting to make our prices the lowest on the Internet!

We buy Brass! Large Quantities only (100,000+, Sorted, Per Caliber)

Take aim with Cheyenne Brass, your source for top quality once-fired cartridge cases! Most of our once-fired cases are washed and polished to a high luster.

Check out our selection! We've got more choices than just about anyone. And, we will ship virtually any order within 24 hours.

We target quality! That's why we're the choice for quality reloading components. We've been in business since 1981, and have thousands of satisfied customers.

See our selection of top quality once fired cartridge cases!

FOR SALE!          FOR SALE!          FOR SALE!          FOR SALE!          FOR SALE!


Capacity:  20,000 – 45,000 cases per load;
Per Day Capacity:  120,000 – 270,000 cases
Dimensions: 76” Wide x 66” High x 50” Deep
Weight: 650 – 725 lbs.
Price: $4,000
Includes:  $650 of cleaning compound: 
                   800 lbs. of crushed corn cob;
                   3 - Industrial heaters/blowers
Terms:  Deposit required.  Buyer responsible for pick-up, load out and transportation.  Seller will assist.

For more information contact us at 307-634-8072, 307-631-0514 or E-mail.

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